Shane Van Duren for Australian Capital Territory

I serve none but you.  I do not seek to represent you from an ivory tower.  I cannot be bought or intimidated.  I have diverse experience across many environments and cultures. 

I will fight for our common law rights, I will fight for our humanitarian rights, I will fight for the rights of our children and I will fight for indigenous rights. 

I will defend individual freedoms and national identity wherever they are threatened. The corrupt and perverse will be held to account.

I will support our sick, our old and our injured. I will empower all Australians to reach their full potential and support our regional friends to do the same.

"Here I stand, I can do no other" 


Scott Birkett for Australian Capital Territory

I am running as an ACT Candidate for Fraser Annings Conservative National Party. 

I am 21 years old, and felt like I was compelled to run as a candidate on Fraser’s side and show support for our party’s Policies and Values, and defend them and our Views from the immaturity seen from people my age and in my own demographic. 

Australia is a free country, and freedom of speech should be one of our most protected values. The taboo around not speaking out about certain beliefs or ideas, has gone too far. And it is costing innocent lives around the world. We, as a society should be allowed and encouraged, to speak out against ideas, especially bad ideas. 

I hold very conservative values for my age, because I believe it has what’s made this country the great place it is.