Julie Hoskin for Bendigo

I am a fourth generation Bendigonian and have lived, worked and raised a family in Bendigo.

I’ve worked as an employee at the City of Greater Bendigo and I’ve also worked in hospitality, worker’s compensation, corporate security and more.

I have certificates in hospitality, Occupational Health and Safety, computer business, building and construction and have owned, renovated and managed a large rental property portfolio for some years whilst running a small business in home maintenance with my former husband.

In early 2014, I became involved with a group of Bendigo residents who were opposing a huge mosque development in East Bendigo and I led the case through VCAT and into the Victorian Supreme Court of Appeal. This case became the most controversial planning matter in Bendigo’s history.

During that time, I commissioned the first ever Social Impact Study on mosques in Australian neighbourhoods. This was a critical document that was missing in our legal fight against the proposed mosque but now it is available for anyone who is faced with the kind of challenge we had in Bendigo against the development of a mega mosque in our region.

It was during this mosque fiasco that I learned that the United Nations had sent delegates to Bendigo and they had publicly announced in the media that Bendigo was to be the ‘model’ for all regional cities in Australia under the direction of the United Nations.

The City of Greater Bendigo secretly developed, over a two year period, their own individual Human Rights Charter, again without consultation and without the knowledge of the residents of Bendigo. When confronted, they refused to explain how this Human Rights Charter that was exclusive to Bendigo differed from the other National and international/global Human Rights Charters that we are already subject to. Their response was that “they felt very strongly about it”. These documents and agendas are all tied in with the U.N’s socialist, cultural Marxist, communist push to control and manipulate every area of our lives and country, with the aim to remove our right to private ownership of property and private vehicles and to contain populations in mega cities (‘liveable cities’) and satellite villages (’10 minute neighbourhoods’) where their every move is controlled and monitored. This is Big Brother on steroids.

In October, 2016, I was elected as a Councillor for Whipstick Ward on the Bendigo Council, where I challenged many of the agendas that were being implemented that I considered to be detrimental to the general community and where residents were not being given a say in matters that had major impact on their lives.

I became very disillusioned with the lawlessness and dual system of law that operates in our so called legal system and the machinations of government at all levels. I’ve had grave concerns for the future of Australia due to the encroachment of socialism and cultural Marxism that I could see infiltrating and indoctrinating Australian society at every level and especially the indoctrination and sexual perversion of our children through the education system.

As a Councillor, it was alarming to witness the rapid rate that the socialist left were moving to implement their agendas and to close any avenue for people to have a say in their future. Everything was being implemented behind closed doors and without REAL or meaningful public consultation or consent.

In 2016, I became involved in the move for a Banking and Finance Royal Commission as I was also a victim of serious fraud through litigation finance through solicitors I’d engaged to act for me in a Family Law matter. This eventually led me to getting involved with the fledgling conservative movement headed by Fraser Anning and his team.

Every step of the way, he has impressed me with his candour and honesty, obvious love of our country and resilience in the face of extraordinary abuse by the traitors in politics and the media. I love that he is unapologetic for his stand against political correctness, suppression of free speech, immigration, Islam and the United Nations.

Fraser’s policies are excellent and serve to turn back the socialist U.N. onslaught against Australia and our way of life. Fraser Anning is there to serve the interests of all Australians, not just the special interest groups and the perpetually offended politically correct minority groups and individuals. With your support we will return control and power over our country back to Australians so we can all enjoy once again the prosperous, healthy and independent nation we once were.