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 Peter Fitzpatrick for Blair

My name is Peter but my mates call me Fitzy, so you can too. I'm a born and bred Queenslander who was raised on the land in the Darling Downs area by my farming parents, and am happily raising three children of my own with my wife of 18 years.

I have built on my natural knowledge and abilities, attaining a trade early in my career, and have worked extensively across the mining sector in QLD for the past 2 decades. I have always remained true to my roots, and am currently building up a cattle farm in South East Queensland and passing my knowledge onto my three young children.

I also enjoy working with our youth and I volunteer my time at my local football club to help coach and mentor young players into “leaders of tomorrow.”

With a strong passion for the Australian way of life to be passed on to my children, and my children’s children, my ethos dictates embracing who we are as a nation and preserving it for generations to come.

As a family man, I have strong views on both parents having access to their children in times of separation, on our daughters having equal rights in the workplace, and preserving our culture and the Australian way of life. I am well versed in fixing problems as part of my career and believe instead of being reactive to future issues we need to be proactive in preventing them.

Having travelled to many countries around the world, and watching what is happening now to a lot of those places, shows me that now is the time to take action in ensuring our beautiful country remains strong and true.