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Senator Anning on Labor’s Dividend Imputation Policy

With the chances of a Labor government after the next election looking strong, it’s time to start looking at what this will mean for Australia.

For many people in their retirement years, the answer is going to be Treasurer Chris Bowen dipping his hand into their pockets to help himself to their cash.

Labor’s dividend imputation policy is a direct attack on people who have done the hard work to look after their own retirement rather than relying on the government for a pension…

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Banking Royal Commission gets 3 out of 10 from Fraser

Because of my close association with farmers and small businesses, my office has been assisting more than 80 bank victims in the last year.

Both theirs and my reaction to the Banking commission report is about 3 out of 10. There were a couple of small improvements to make banks more accountable, but overall the recommendations do not go anywhere near far enough.

There is a need for a tribunal to deal with Legacy cases (old disputes). There are hundreds of such cases and there is no mechanism to bring some justice to these devastated families.

The Ramsey report recommended a Government paid tribunal, but it was…