Articles and written statements by Senator Anning on a variety of topics.

Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party’s Veterans policy which seeks to ensure servicemen and women receive the support and acknowledgement at all stages of their service they deserve. It has been described as “leaps and bounds ahead of existing policies” by a number of Veterans.

My Party is committed to ensure that our veteran community receives the respect and care commensurate with their role in protecting our nation, our heritage, culture and way of life.


Fraser Anning Moves to Abolish Age Pension Means Test

Senator Anning has moved to abolish the means test for the Age Pension.

Speaking prior to the introduction of the legislation the firebrand Senator from Queensland expressed his concern that the Government and Opposition would continue to put aged pensioners last.

“The means test on the Age Pension is pure socialist wealth redistribution. The means test punishes the hard working and the thrifty,” Senator Anning said.



I would just like to say a big thank you to all of my supporters who lobbied the AEC to complete the registration of our Conservative National Party.

We have had huge support but clearly, with only weeks to go before the election, it has been extremely challenging to prepare for the event.

Still, against all odds, we have managed to find Senate candidates for every single State and Territory. We have filled every single lower house seat in Queensland and a significant number in the other States.



Jacinda Ardern has been praised by millions around the world since the Christchurch shooting for her handling of the situation.

It was entirely appropriate that she should articulate great sympathy for the victims and their families. She did this well. No one would have expected less.

However, her response went much further. Jacinda and her Government engaged in behaviour which bordered on fawning sycophancy.

Without any hint of irony, she donned the hijab, a symbol of female oppression for millions of Muslim women.

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Senator Anning on Labor’s Dividend Imputation Policy

With the chances of a Labor government after the next election looking strong, it’s time to start looking at what this will mean for Australia.

For many people in their retirement years, the answer is going to be Treasurer Chris Bowen dipping his hand into their pockets to help himself to their cash.

Labor’s dividend imputation policy is a direct attack on people who have done the hard work to look after their own retirement rather than relying on the government for a pension…

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Banking Royal Commission gets 3 out of 10 from Fraser

Because of my close association with farmers and small businesses, my office has been assisting more than 80 bank victims in the last year.

Both theirs and my reaction to the Banking commission report is about 3 out of 10. There were a couple of small improvements to make banks more accountable, but overall the recommendations do not go anywhere near far enough.

There is a need for a tribunal to deal with Legacy cases (old disputes). There are hundreds of such cases and there is no mechanism to bring some justice to these devastated families.

The Ramsey report recommended a Government paid tribunal, but it was…