Shane Allan for Braddon

I am the candidate for Braddon from Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party. I am a qualified Fitter/Machinist with 26 year's post trade experience and still working full time while running this campaign.

I have worked in textiles, managed maintenance for a smallgoods plant, worked in a beef and lamb abattoir, spent some time as a diary technician, worked in a poultry abattoir, and done a touch of vegetable processing. All on the north coast of Tasmania, all maintenance/engineering roles, some with very basic machinery, some with the very latest 'state of the art" automated machines.

Not all of the businesses I have worked for succeeded and I (amongst others) tried bloody hard to keep them going in the right direction. The feeling you get when a business you poured sweat, blood and tears into calls it a day isn't a good one, sadly too many people have experienced this.

I joined this party for the coming election because I agree with what it stands for and I want to make a difference in the direction this great country of ours is going. I am tired of this creeping political correctness (and worried about what hides behind it), it serves no purpose other than to stifle differences of opinion and stop all rational discussion on subjects that are important to the future of this country. 

We need to debate these problems with opinions from all sides, with accurate facts and figures, with honesty and integrity... and openly. We will not achieve this if we only rely on emotions and feelings and hiding in "safe spaces". Nothing will be resolved that way. We need to restore the balance in politics for any of this to take place, to give the silent majority a say again, that is why I am running as a candidate.

I want to see this country bright and prosperous, our youth employed with a chance of owning their own homes and starting their own families. I want to see well educated, innovative, and adaptive people starting a business of their own, finding markets for unique products or services and being recognised not only at a state level but also nationally, perhaps even globally. 

Australia can take credit for many inventions over the years, we were creators, problem solvers and innovators but we seem to have become a bit slack lately. I personally would love to see another era of invention, an engineering or technology boom to raise the eyebrows of the best in the world, all stamped "Made in Australia".