Rod Jeanneret for Brisbane

My name is Rod Jeanneret (pronounced Jonneray), and I am semi-retired. My wife Lorraine and I have a family of eight children and eighteen grandchildren.

I started work as an apprentice aircraft engineer at Qantas then learned to fly in the RAAF and served as a maritime pilot before going into sales, most notably designing and marketing industrial laundry systems for boarding schools, nursing homes and hospitals, providing superior quality while doubling output and slashing costs. These results gained me recognition and consultant status. I later moved into the design and construction of home additions.

In the 1970’s I read the works of Ayn Rand (Objectivist philosophy), plus writings by Murray Rothbard, Henry Hazlitt, Friedrich Hayek, Ludwig von Mises and Thomas Jefferson. These writings opened my eyes and answered my concerns about governments.

This coming election is a watershed for the Australian people; we are on the brink of becoming another Venezuela. The socialist’s dream of a utopian welfare state is doomed to disaster. That is clearly demonstrated in the comparison of the former East and West Germanys and further proven by the social and economic disintegration of modern Germany under the policies of the Merkel Socialist regime. Unquestioning adoption of climate change dogma and embracing of renewable energy schemes coupled with open-arms welcome of a million “refugees” (majority being young men) have doomed Germany.

Wake up Australia before it is too late!