Christopher James for Dunkley

I have lived all over Melbourne and Australia for the previous 50 years. I moved from the small coal mining town of llanileth, U.K, to join the children of the snowy mountain hydroelectric scheme.

I have worked all over Australia in jobs ranging from powder monkey work (explosives) to running bridges, dams and all kinds of infrastructure projects. Currently I am working as a construction adviser and concrete contractor, employing locals from the Cranbourne and Frankston areas. I aspire to create more work for local apprentices.

As a proud and staunch family man and grandfather to many children, I see Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party as the last stand of resistance, with only a slippery slope ahead of us as the country’s current leadership is in dire straits.

I enjoy hunting with my sons on my rare times off and fabricating new and exciting ideas for the construction industry.

It's time to give the people a say, and I won't back down.