Jake Ryan for Fairfax

Growing up in a country town in NSW, I finished high school then became a qualified metal fabricator, as well as working on the weekends for ten years, during and after my apprenticeship.

Two years ago my partner and I decided on a sea change, so we packed up, along with our two kids, and moved to coastal Queensland. We’re so happy to have made this change, and love being in Queensland.

Although I am a younger man, I have been worried about this country’s future for some time. I’ve constantly asked myself the same questions. What kind of future will my kids grow in to? What will they be forced to deal with if we do nothing now? What can I do to make things better for the Australian people, now and in the future?

That’s the reason I joined Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party, and then nominated myself as a candidate. Fraser Anning shares my views and the views of a growing number of Australians.

If I can be the voice for a region, standing alongside other determined men and women willing to stand against the ever growing number of threats, I would be honoured.