Tony Murray for Griffith

I am a country lad from the Southern Riverina area of Albury .I lived on my grand parents farm with my parents till I was about 6 years of age and have one brother. We moved to the nearest largest town Albury.

It is a big striving country town and still is with its laid back lifestyle with water activities , golf and many clubs and sporting affiliations.

I married and purchased my own home and had three gorgeous boys.

I moved to Queensland about 25 years ago and became a State Control Manager for a large grocery chain, after about ten years I decided to work for myself in the Transport Industry and was  successful until I retired two years ago. I recently remarried again after about five years divorced. 

I met my gorgeous wife Sonya she has two loving girls and they are both grown as well along with my three sons all grown on their own paths in life. We have six fantastic grandchildren.

I am a true patriot I love Australia and believe we are the lucky country. I love camping, fishing and shooting and played many sports when I was younger. I play golf when I can although not that well these days and I am also now a motorcycle enthusiast owning a Harley Davidson. We have a great life with good friends around us which is very important. I don't like the way our current leaders are taking our country with unwanted unregulated immigrants and illegal refugees flooding in that we can not cope with and that we have to house them feed and clothe them also financially support them  through our Centrelink system while they don't even try to work or assimilate into our culture or society. 

All the money that we freely just give away to third world countries in foreign aide that they really don't care about us or even know where Australia is in the world. We need all that foreign aide money here being put to good use with job creation, infrastructure, hospitals, school's, roads and dams which creates many many jobs and a better lifestyle for all of us as it is our tax monies given away without asking us the people of Australia.

I am a candidate in the Electorate of Griffith which is not to far from where we live and I know the area very well having worked my business from that area and know quite a few business people in the adjacent suburbs.

I want to make a better Australia not only for my kids and grandkids but yours as well . We don't want to end up like Europe over run and out of control it's almost too late for these countries but not to late for our great Australia and it's friendly people.