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 Perry Adrelius for Groom

Perry has lived in Queensland for over twenty years, and has been a Toowoomba local for seven years. He has worked in manufacturing, security, youth work, employment services, and currently runs his own business.

Having long ago left the socialist nightmare of Sweden for a better life in Australia, he is now fighting to prevent Australia from following the same destructive path as his former homeland.

A strong advocate for law and justice, Perry’s ideals revolve around hard work and a fair go. Outside of running his business, Perry is a keen shooter with experience in competition shooting as well as in hunting, including SSAA-accredited wildlife management.

“Unfortunately my prediction twenty-five years ago was in many ways right. Sweden is, as we all know, not what it used to be and I can see many similar issues happening here in Australia. It’s time to give this great nation back to the Australian people.”