Tamara Durant for Herbert

My name is Tamara Durant. I come from a military family - my grandfather was totally and permanently incapacitated after WWll and my father went to Korea and was civil personnel after that.

We lived in Singapore in the early seventies and at the time it was a quarter Indian, a quarter Chinese, a quarter Malay and a quarter European. We had a Malay/Muslim amah and she didn't wear any headdress. My mother went back for the first time a few years back and the amah was wearing a scarf which she said was for her son. The Islamic extremist have changed many countries over the last fifty years. Lebanon used to be a Christian country. Iranian women used to dress the same as western women.

We are lucky enough to have a crystal ball into our future...we just have to look to Europe.

We need a leader who is prepared to put Australia's people and future first. We need to get out of the UN who are working for the extremists to further global Islamisation. We need to enact laws that send repeat offenders back to their country of origin.  Now that the war in Syria and Iraq is all but over we should also be sending middle eastern people home to help rebuild their countries.

We are the lucky country but recently our pensioners, vets, disabled and homeless people don't feel so lucky. Leaving the UN will mean less spent in foreign aid and more for Australia's most needy.  We can also aid our primary industries and manufacturing get back into the market. We can spend on water security and more efficient coal powered stations for cheaper electricity.

I was never into politics really, but I know what's fair and I know what's right so I put my hand up. I believe Fraser Anning speaks for my convictions.