Rajan Vaid for Hindmarsh

My name is Rajan Vaid. I have worked more than 20 Years in the field of Telecommunication after completion of my Bachelor’s degree in Electronics. I have worked in Various Positions from Technician, Team Leader, Site Controller, PM, RBL etc and worked with technologies from 2G to 5G & Transmission. I'm an expert in the implementation of end to end projects. I have also worked in the Telecommunications industry internationally in India and Dubai.

I am married and my children are now studying in secondary college.

I migrated to Australia in 2007 and have lived in South Australia for over 12 years all of which has been in Adelaide. This is my first opportunity to contest elections and I am representing Hindmarsh in South Australia supporting Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party.

Since I been to Australia, I was surprised to see the policies of the major parties towards Australia. I am now fighting to protect Australia from those policies which are destroying Australia as a slow poison. I am strong advocate for law and justice, and my ideals revolve around hard work and a fair go for all Aussies.