Ian Hackwell for Kennedy

I am just an ordinary Aussie, a retired senior, concerned for some time about the way things are heading. I strongly believe in what Fraser Anning is trying to achieve because it is so important for Australia's future. So, even though I don't have political experience, I put my hand up for Fraser for the seat of Kennedy.  

Fraser in person is an impressive man who speaks well and says what people are thinking and want to express themselves.

I left Agricultural College where I did some competition shooting and football, and went into teaching in the Victorian Department of Education teaching high school Math/Science for several years. I had a short stint with Shell Agricultural Chemicals before returning to teaching but I soon transferred to the private system where I taught Environmental Science/ Math/ Science in two private schools in Mt Eliza for twenty years. During this time, I was an Army Cadet Officer, teaching leadership, gun safety and responsibility and survival skills.

I moved to Qld in 1987, had a heavy transport company on the Gold Coast then a hospitality business in Toowoomba for several years.

Following this I returned to teach in Education Queensland as a senior teacher. During this time, I helped a mate build a steel yacht and after retiring from permanent teaching, travelled the world extensively visiting two of my five children who live in Italy. On my return I did some casual teaching and part time security with my German shepherd dogs around the Gold Coast. My last job was trucking materials to Curtis Island for the LNG plants.

My concerns are our governments have failed to listen to the people and don't seem to learn from other countries experiences. Also having seen the deterioration in our education system over the years and I think this needs change too.