Brandon Lees for Lindsay

Tired of seeing Australian tax money being thrown overseas when it needs to be reinvested into the country. Living in Penrith for 26 years, I have seen where that money could best be used and after meeting Fraser Anning and the other candidates in The Conservative National Party; I can confirm that they too know where our money would be better spent.

Living in the division of Lindsay all my life has made me many friends from many different backgrounds and careers. 

I believe that through the reduction in foreign spending we can finally invest more into our education. Our public schools have locked stationary and first aid equipment in safes because they cannot afford to lose anything. They also cannot afford to bring in casual teachers at the last minute! The horror stories I have heard from teachers need to end and schools will receive far more funding

We have a hospital with staff that are overworked and underpaid. The wait times have been outrageous and complained about for far too long. It’s not the nurses or the doctors fault but as our country grows and grows so too does our demand for more quality healthcare. 

As time passes, politicians constantly forget about the upkeep of an ever-growing Australia. Fraser Anning’s National Conservative Party remembers everyone and will work hard for the local and greater community.