David Paulke for Longman

I was born and raised in Geelong, Victoria and left school at 15 years of age to begin my working life. At 18 I left Geelong to join the Australian Defence Force and served 3 years as an Infantryman with the 2/4th Battalion of the Royal Australian Regiment in Townsville. 

After leaving the military I embarked on a new career working in the Oil and Gas industry. That took me to many countries around the globe working on major refinery shutdowns. I believe most, if not all, Australians understand when traveling internationally to respect other cultures and laws or the outcome could be very painful. Saudi Arabia was the only country where I felt unwelcome and ill-at-ease because I was treated like a second-class citizen. 

After 40 years working in industry I speak from the heart when I say I’ve made lifelong friends and enjoyed the absolute brotherhood and mateship that comes of shared adversity and prevailing over the odds. 

My interests are V8 Supercars, classic cars, UFC, boxing, cricket, and most physical ball sports. Favourite teams are QLD State of Origin side, Wallabies, any AFL side that plays against Collingwood, and the Cowboys. Most respected team is the All Blacks. All-time favourite athlete is racing legend Peter Brock.

Now semi-retired at 60 I feel its time to give something back to this great country and the people who truly appreciate it for what it has given us. I am not a career politician. I am first an Australian man, husband, son and father.

If elected, I will have an open-door policy to allow anyone, regardless of ethnic background, age or gender to voice ideas or concerns that have a local and federal implication. My main reason for putting my hat in the ring and standing for election is that I’m sick of the BS we hear and see from career politicians who are only interested in themselves, their own targeted investments and how much they can milk the system for very little benefit to the people they allegedly represent. 

As a nation we need to prioritise the needs of our veterans, homeless, our children, youth and aged above those of migrants and so-called refugees. Our own elderly parents and pensioners are the most vulnerable who have helped build the fabric of our society and can not be pushed aside and treated like waste. Many who come to our shores are simply “country shopping” having travelled across several safe nations to get to ours. That is not a refugee, that is a targeted welfare invasion supported by left wing activists that lobby vote grabbing political parties. 

Australians are known world wide as generous, compassionate, hard working people that have been taken advantage of and seen as a soft touch. Political correctness has stifled debate in universities and workplaces that allows the nation's far left a platform to continually destroy free speech. The Paris agreement and United Nations represent situations where hard-earned taxes gathered from the labour of our citizens is being given away by the billions to organisations and countries that provide nothing in return.  Foreign aid needs to be stopped until our own economy is back in the black.  Charity begins at home.

In Parliament I will represent my party’s sensible policies to take back our country from foreign interference and act for all Australians who pledge to be Australians and live here under our rules and assimilate into our society - built on Christian values.