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Darren Christiansen for Maranoa

G'day. I am Darren Christiansen, and I am proud to be running for Maranoa in Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party. I am a third-generation descendant of farming and grazing families across the Maranoa. I have spent many years travelling all over Queensland during my time as a heavy diesel mechanic fixing property bulldozers; then later on managing a fleet of hire machines to mostly rural businesses. I attended boarding school at Toowoomba Grammar School and formed many long-term friendships throughout the Maranoa Region. 

Part of my reason in running for this election is to promote jobs for the younger generation through major development projects such as dams and the Bradfield Scheme. Additionally, we need to create more incentives to keep the next generation of young farmers and graziers in a position where the purchase of rural agricultural holdings is viable. 

I will do my best to reduce red tape in order to fight the challenges which we are currently facing in the Maranoa. I will work to reduce the rising cost of overheads for all business with very minimal increases to income from primary industries. I stand against government interference rendering some of our land devalued and useless. We all know of the current tree clearing guidelines mandated by un-familiar urban people with no connections or knowledge of managing the future of our land. 

We need more current business people to lead the country, guided by those who actually produce the food and other necessary resources for the majority of the population.  

I look forward to the journey over the next few weeks in the lead up to the election on May 18th, 2019, and I hope that you can trust me to better represent the Maranoa region as the preferred member.