Darren Long for Moncreiff

I was born in Brisbane and raised in Mansfield. I attended public and Catholic schools and was raised with Christian values.

I worked from a very young age selling newspapers on islands in the middle of main roads when cars were stopped. Yes... I didn’t need to be wrapped in bubble wrap or wear a helmet as I was aware that cars would hurt me if I let myself get hit!

At the age of 15 I pumped fuel at service stations and would clean wind screens and check tyres and fluids on cars. I started an apprenticeship in the printing industry and became a fully qualified tradesman. I then went on to start my own business which I still operate today.

I am courteous, generous and believe that if you strive, battle and never give up, you will succeed. I now reside on the Gold Coast and enjoy the great outdoors.

Over the last 2 decades I have seen growing overpopulation and an erosion of family, education, and happiness in the community, just to mention a few topics!

We have become over-governed and over-taxed, only to see the two major parties waste it every time. People are struggling with the cost of living that has been forced upon them with everyday expenses breaking budgets.

The Robin Hood mentality of the two major parties is creating communities of poverty. Then these communities resort to crime as they have no other choice. With the breakdown of the family unit, these crimes become more violent as time goes on.

Throw immigration from countries that don’t share our values into the mix, hand out our taxes to them, and the communities become unbalanced!

Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party has made the difficult but honest calculation of what lies ahead for our Great Southern Land if we do not stop!

I am standing for the party as I agree with all of it's policies and want to be a part of making its vision a reality.

It is simply common sense!