Aaron Nieass for Moreton

I spent my life growing up in Logan, completed school and also completed a trade as a wall and floor Tiler. Then travelled up north to Mackay in 2008 on a working holiday and spent the next 8 years in and around north Queensland working in the mines as a machine operator. After the downturn in the industry I moved back to Brisbane and started tiling again.

Now a home owner and father of three, I am going back to the mines after seeing the struggles in the construction industry. I enjoy gym and rugby league like all Australians as well as motorbikes and fishing.

I have joined Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party knowing he wants to restore Australia to the great country it was once was and I to would like to contribute in the same way.

After witnessing the struggles of both industries at the hands of the government, I would like to become a candidate and contribute in whatever way I can to make this country great again.