Carolyn Thomson for New South Wales Senate

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Gary Young for New South Wales Senate


Farmer nth coast NSW

Started Community Television in Australia [ch31]

Film Production/media/advertising background


Paul Swann for New South Wales Senate

I grew up in a farming family in western NSW. I watched my family walk off the farm in the eighties. Like now, there was little or no support for farmers in the hard times back then. During this time I had completed year 12 and partially completed a Bachelor of Business degree. 

With the difficult situation I had no choice but to engage in paid work rather than helping on the farm in my "free time". Through my working life I have done everything from fruit and vegetable picking, factory work, garbo, postman, interstate truck driver, fencer, delivery driver...even cleaning telephone boxes (remember them?). Whatever I had to do to earn a living and keep a roof over my family's head and food on the table. For the last 15 years I have worked for a large infrastructure company and have been able to complete various certificate 3, 4 and associate diploma courses, some process specific but mostly in the area of management. 

I was married for more than twenty years and have 7 children and five grandchildren. This is why I have decided to get into politics. I want them to have a safe and prosperous future in the country I grew up in and love. I want them to have every opportunity I had, and more. 

Unfortunately I am seeing the greatness of this country being eroded by inept, corrupt, politicians, whose loyalty is only to themselves, their rich (often foreign) mates and the globalisation puppet masters. Our manufacturing is gone, our farms are going, the biggest industry is welfare, our infrastructure and future needs spending is misplaced and mostly swallowed up by administrative, environmental bs, and corporate greed costs. 

Instead of dealing with the causes of violence, terror, crime and the destruction of our safe free and democratic way of life... they put up  bollards, try to pretend there is no problem, try to make it illegal for us to even talk about it. Someone has to stand up and say enough... if it has to be me then here I am. 


Ian Wharton for New South Wales Senate

Ian Wharton came to Nsw in 1999 from the Richmond area of North Queensland where he and his family had sheep and cattle properties.

Ian has been practicing Equine dentistry since 1980 and teaching it since 1999. He lives on a farm in the Gunnedah area and is an enthusiastic horse rider and competitor. He is also a former President and Honorary Life member of Two Equine National Sporting bodies.

Ian has previously served in Local government in Qld and stood for Pre-selection for the Seat of Herbert (Townsville).

He is standing for the Senate with Fraser Anning’s Conservative National party as he feels Australia is heading down the wrong road with Immigration, political correctness and many other issues facing our Nation today. He strongly supports the conservative policy platform of the FACNP.