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Fraser Anning for Queensland Senate

Fraser Anning is a conservative Australian politician who was elected to the senate in 2016 on the One Nation ticket. After becoming disillusioned with One Nation, he created Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party in 2019.

Senator Anning came to international attention for two reasons. Firstly, his call for a return to a predominantly European immigration program and secondly, for advocating a ban on further Muslim immigration and a ban on violent black African migrants.

He is an uncompromising defender of traditional Christian values and strongly supports Australian ownership of agriculture and industry, radical banking reform, private gun ownership and major rural infrastructure development, in particular the visionary Bradfield scheme. Fraser is also a strident critic of the UN and the usurpation of Australian democratic government by UN treaties.

Although described as a “far right” politician by his critics, Senator Anning’s views are closely aligned with those of former Australian Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies. “That anyone could call the views of the founder of the Liberal Party ‘extreme’ shows just how far Australia has lurched to the left since the 1970s,” Senator Anning said.


Paul Taylor for Queensland Senate

Paul Taylor is a first generation immigrant to this great nation of Australia and proud to be an Australian Citizen. He is married to Wendy (26 years) and they have two beautiful children.

He is a former Store Manger and progressed to be a Snr Executive from Coles Supermarkets where he controlled a very large million dollar category successfully for many years. He moved to Brisbane in 1993 to get married and not long after started his own business in Memorial Construction.

He was the first person in the history of Queensland to successfully import finished granite memorials, dismantling a closed shop in the process and bringing consumers all the benefits of a free market… free of some very ordinary behaviour.

For a few decades he has been concerned by our ill thought out immigration program; he does not understand why we would bring in people of the Islamic faith who cannot integrate, assimilate and appreciate the heritage, culture and the fantastic way of life that this great nation offers.

The evidence that Islam is incompatible with our values is overwhelming; Europe is a spectacular example of the absolute failure that Islamic Migration brings. Sweden is the rape capital of Europe, Islam the cause. To want to protect our own children’s future is not racism it is patriotism. Only a coward and a fool would pimp their own children’s future to this evil ideology that makes no secret of their agenda. People who beg and swindle their way into this nation and then find our flag and anthem offensive have no place in our country as their presence here is offensive. It is high time we called it like it is and stopped Muslim immigration.

Equally, he cannot get over decades of mismanagement of this great economy; $ billions wasted on short term political stunts, flawed economic infrastructure projects like the NBN rather than drought proofing this great nation; 80% of our rain water from the north flow’s back to the ocean when we ought to have

built dams to capture this water, generate cheap hydro electricity and positioned us to be the food bowl to Asia… right here on our door step.

As a Christian, he believes our Judean Christian laws are not for turning or bending; they have stood the test of time and if people find our laws offensive, then they are free to leave, no, they are not welcome here. He believes the time has arrived to arrest this incompetence and he commits if elected he will never let you down.


Mark Absolon for Queensland Senate

Hello I'm Mark Absolon. Born and bred in Mackay, North Queensland from 3rd generation Pioneering families with backgrounds including Cattle, Hotels, Sugar Cane, Dairy, Mining, Engineering, Insurance and Real Estate.

As a father of 8 with 10 Grandkids that will most likely double soon, I fear what sort of Australia they are destined to live in if our present Political Treachery doesn't change.

As a Committed Bible-Based-Believer passionate about the Historical Heritage the BIBLE has played in the Provision of Freedom for All the Free Nations of the World, including Ours, I am dismayed at the Ongoing Erosion of such Values we Once Cherished.. It's 'Ten Commandments' once Gracing the Walls of Government, the Courts, Police Stations, Classrooms & Churches .. now being replaced with the pushing of Anti-BIBLE Policies under the 3 Major Political Parties with Abominable Practices such as Abortion, LGBTIQ, Transgender Insanity and the Idolatry of ISLAM now deemed acceptable.

With a strong interest in Conservative Politics for the past 40 years that started with the old National Party, in the early 1990's I was asked to chair the 'Australia First Campaign' local Branch and also host the local meetings of the great Freedom Informer Mr.Jeremy Lee who brought understanding of the Treacheries of our Labor & LNP Parties, such as that entered into in 1975 with both Signing the 'LIMA Declaration' that Committed Australia to the winding down of our Manufacturing & Farming in favour of the 3rd World Nations.. a Treacherous Act that we have witnessed come to pass.

A Licensed Realtor Auctioneer Property Manager, I have been Self-Employed my whole working adult life with 25 years in the Real Estate industry (10 years with Mackay’s oldest firm 'Blacks' under Chubb Black)15 years of such in my own practice utilizing a personally developed marketing system using video and 15 years running a property maintenance business specializing in difficult tasks including tree reduction and removal.

10 years on the land running a small Cattle, Horses & Angora grazing enterprise together with family heritage that started the Dairy Industry's Butter Factory in the area has the Rural Life firmly in the blood.

Australia is being Drained to the Extreme by the UN Directed NWO Globalist Agenda and Our Traitor Politicians who are Facilitating it.  This Needs to Stop Now and Fraser Anning and His Team are the Ones to Achieve it for the Sake of Our Nation, Ourselves and our Children’s future and Heritage.

I'm both honoured and privileged for Fraser's invitation be in the QLD Senate Team and will endeavour to give my best in this Reclaiming & Restoring of Our Nation Movement.

Australia needs Patriot Warriors for Freedom like never before and Fraser is the First Man I've seen for Many Years Capable and Fit for the Task.

Thank you all for your PATRIOT Support!


Nancy Sandford for queensland Senate

My name is Nancy Sandford and I am both proud and honoured to be a member of the Queensland Senate Team for Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party.

I live in Townsville, am 53 years of age, a married mother of three, and grandmother of two.

You could say I am "Jill of all trades mistress of none" due to my varied work life as I strove to experience everything I possibly could from day one. 

I have been employed in sales, nursing, landscaping/irrigation, bartender positions, the mining industry in remote WA, trades assistant, gold sample cutter, cook, roustabout/farmhand, and cleaner. I am currently employed as a housekeeper.

I stand strongly with Fraser and the Conservative National Party's policies. Fraser Anning will stand up for this country and her people.

My main dedication and focus have always been on my family, however, as they have now grown and are walking their own paths, I have decided to turn my focus, fight and fortitude to a cause in support of all fellow Aussies. A way to make Australia what she should be again; safe, secure and carefree. A place where prosperity and reward await for those who strive, innovate, design, create, manufacture, serve, clean, entertain, and teach.

We are young and still free. We are working hard to keep it that way.

 A vote for me and Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party is a vote for Australia.

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Brad Cameron for Queensland Senate

My name is Brad Cameron and I am from the Gold Coast, married with two kids, and am currently a bus driver and Senate candidate for Queensland

I have had a wide variety of experiences in my working life. My favourite job was as a Driving Instructor in NSW and Queensland. I have also been an aged care nurse, radio announcer, international award-winning writer, taxi driver, cleaner, and even a full-time carer to my disabled mother until her passing.

I believe in freedom of speech, that everyone is owed the same rights, and that this is a safe country that needs to be vigilant in protecting itself. Representing the people of Australia, and in particular Queensland, is what I am passionate about.

I stand for traditional values, private enterprise and hard work.

I won’t let you down.