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Andrew Banks for Ryan

Hi, I’m Andrew Banks. I may be new to the political scene, but I’m an avid follower and a long term disappointed LNP supporter. They just don’t represent us conservative nationalists any more. They’re not even conservative, or nationalistic! That’s why I’m standing for election in Ryan. 

In my working life I have driven forklifts, excavators, bobcats & trucks and in my earlier years used to clean & scrub barnacles off the bottom of boats. I used these skills to put myself through university whilst living out of home.

I am a separated father of two girls aged 7 & 4. Originally from Melbourne, I moved to Brisbane 7 years ago for work, living in Stafford before moving to Mitchelton. As a civil engineer specialising in infrastructure such as oil & gas pipelines and renewable energy projects with more than 15 years experience, my work has required me to travel away a lot, so I’ve worked everywhere between Roma to Rolleston, Dalby to Biloela, Gladstone to Rockhampton. 

I spent several months in Hughenden last year building a wind farm, not far from Fraser’s home town in Richmond. If there is one thing that has stood out to me, it’s the great people I’ve met and been supported by in these places. Great Australians who tackle adversity and a hostile existence every day.  

I loved my work and the travel, but liked nothing more than coming home to my family & home in Mitchelton, a safe and well resourced ‘family’ community within the seat of Ryan. Whether it was the Mitchie Maker’s Market, Blackwood Street Market or Ferny Grove Tennis with the kids, I’d often reflect on where I would find such local places in my original home town in Melbourne. 

Having moved from a congested and over-populated inner Melbourne in 2012, I found my home in Mitchelton, which was a lot like where I grew up as a child. That place however has sadly been changed forever due to population growth from irresponsible immigration policy and improper property development. I don’t want to see the same occur here in Ryan.

Free speech has always been important to me, as I’ve always spoken my mind. It’s now firmly under attack along with a whole host of other Australian conservative values. Family values. I remember the days when you were allowed to have cutlery on planes and could go to the game without a bag search/metal detectors. What changed? How is what we have now even regarded as progress?

Help me help Fraser Anning and his team restore the conservative nationalist mindset to the Australian Parliament and protect Ryan from globalist interests.