Peter Manuel for South Australian Senate

Hi I'm Peter Manuel, I lead the Senate ticket for Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party in South Australia.

I left school at 14 years of age to start butchering, working my way up to become a top-grade meat manager at GJ Coles Supermarkets. I then went over to the Independents and was a meat supervisor for many years before buying my own butcher shop. While I had that butcher shop, I invented a world-first low-cholesterol metwurst and pepperoni which had the Heart Foundation tick of approval. I have done many things in my life; I built homes and sold them, bought and sold farms, and currently have a beef cattle stud in Strathalbyn, South Australia. We have won many awards in the show ring. 

I have been married to my wife, Mary, for 38 years and we have five beautiful children who are all very successful in the workplace. We also have four grandchildren.

I have met Fraser Anning, whom I have the utmost respect for. He is all for protecting the mum and dad farmers of this country. I started FLAG Australia Inc (Food-producers, Land owners, Action Group Australia Inc), and we have been fighting for farmers rights for eight years now, all voluntarily. I have helped many farmers get their water back with the flick of a pen and saved their farms, which the government stole off them. 


Tim Dwyer for South Australian Senate

My name is Tim Dwyer and I have lived with my family in Gawler South Australia for 35 years, having left our farm in Victoria because of the drought at that time. My family was in hotels and restaurants in and around Ballarat.

After coming to SA I worked at the Holden Dealership in Gawler for a couple of years. I then went back into hospitality and then into marketing. I also have developed an emission reduction system for heavy industry.

It is the systematic destruction of the Australian way of life, the wholesale sell off of our land and our infrastructure, and the erosion fo freedom of speech by the major parties that has made me take a stand. It is my belief that when you see things that are wrong you must try to make it right.