Bruce Stevens for Victorian Senate 

I am Melbourne born and bred, I have traced my family tree back to the 1850's in Melbourne. After a varied career in the electronics & telecommunications industry, in 1998 I and my wife became Salvation Army Officers which led to a ten-year spell in Tasmania.

In 2010 I moved back to Craigieburn with my family to work as a qualified tradesman in the electronics and telecommunications sector as an on the road technician. I am currently employed as the Building Maintenance Supervisor in an Aged Care Facility in Melbourne. 

I am standing with Fraser Anning because I am tired of the way our nation and sovereignty is being sold out to the UN and China. The two major parties are destroying Australia. 

We Aussies are a very welcoming and tolerant people, however nobody likes to be taken advantage of. Anyone harbouring dangerous ideologies against us should be denied entry and if already here rejected from our shores if possible. They don't belong here. 


Rita Mazalevskis for Victorian Senate

I was born in Victoria and moved to Western Australia when I was very young. I returned to Victoria several years ago.

I've worked in the Corporate sector all my life, mostly within the General Counsel and Secretariat areas, directly assisting Boards, and managing Board processes spanning across Public, Private and Government entities in Western Australia, New South Wales and Victoria.  

In 2009 I lost everything, including several properties which led me in to forced bankruptcy in 2010.  Recent new evidence has revealed this was all at the hands of the bank's criminal misconducts and frauds. In early 2018, I was introduced to Leon Ashby at Senator Anning's office and the wider team. Unravelling my uncle's contracts (he's a WA farmer) and the criminal misconduct of his bank helped me uncover my own unknown banking horrors. 

In August 2018 Senator Anning held the first media event in Parliament House Canberra to give bank victims a voice, a voice the Banking Royal Commission refused to give them! A fierce fighter for justice, I have since found myself consumed by helping bank victims from all across Australia, and researching the Banks endless criminal misconducts. This includes meeting with politicians, the media, bank representatives and hopefully now, becoming a voice in the Senate.

I will continue to advocate for bank victims and work with Senator Anning and the wider team to expose the massive misconducts and frauds against hard working Australians which has gone on for too long. We need a proper Banking Royal Commission 2.0 with expanded terms of reference to expose ALL the horrific misconducts of the financial industry. We will continue to fight for bank victims compensation. 

Senator Anning is an Australian patriot. His policies span across many aspects of our vast country, we urgently need to support him and the team to help them implement these policies to immediately help Australia, for the good of all the Australian people.

Australians have struggled for too long. I believe working with Senator Anning and his team is the best, and only way forward for us all.


Benjamin Williamson for Victorian Senate

My name is Ben Williamson. I am from Drouin, was born in Warragul, and I am 43 years old.

I have an agricultural background as well as real estate and civil earthworks trucking as an owner-operator. I have also worked in logistics over at Manus island and Narau.

I stand against globalism and the dictorship of the U.N. over Australia. I would like to see a government that gives security to its country and puts its people first. Iā€™m also strongly supportive of the establishment of a public banking system.