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Rod Smith for Wright

Hi, I'm Rod Smith. Some of you know me as the former One Nation candidate and rep here over recent years.

Wright is a large, diverse yet neglected electorate that the LNP sees as 'theirs', this has to change. If you want the funding and the services, Wright must become a marginal seat. Farmers, retail, tourism are struggling due to high costs, red tape and crushing taxation. Households are struggling because of inadequate services such as lack of public transport, health services, entertainment facilities as well as bracket creep tax and the costs of living.

Three years ago we were promised 'jobs and growth' which never eventuated. Instead government has become the greatest threat to Australian's prosperity.

After years of campaigning in Wright I found people are looking for hope and security and want to be listened to . Not have inappropriate development forced on them such as hundreds of new houses on tiny blocks of land with the sewage and traffic problems and the Inland Rail which will impact thousands of people without their consent.

Help us be the disrupters to get major party politicians out of the cosy Canberra bubble.